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♫Funny Club Penguin pics♫

This is my first! 🙂

I found sensi’s puffle! 🙂 ( lolz )

A ban! LoL 🙂

I was questioning sensi’s hot sauce. ( Maybe i did want that hot sauce. But luckily, i didn’t eat it.) 😀

This one-itemed catalog  may seem like a rip off for only one item… but the item for sale is great! 😀

Lol I would lock him in my igloo! 😀

Later…..    (LOL) 😀

I wouldnt bother him if i were you 🙂

I guess  this is how  he wears off his stress! 😀

That puffle sure gets around!  SECURITY!  🙂

The rock wanted to eat me!  ( some rocks can be very rude! )  😦

I guess he doesn’t like his world. 🙂      Click to enlarge.

Well, I didn’t steal the last cookie! 😀

lol the first tipping of the pet shop! 😀

First the rock now this! I’ve got to get a bodyguard. 😀

We were born octuplets!  lol  😀

So thats where my diary went!  (And there was some punk reading it in the back!) ( Sorry, Pink33073)   😦

The penguins in gymnastics ditched me!  🙂

The new and improved puffle roundup! 🙂  (click to enlarge.)

the minds of penguins! 😉  Click to enlarge.      P.S. In case you’re wondering, enlarge means make bigger. 🙂

An anvil. headed right for me. whoo hoo. 😦 (click to enlarge)

My best friend just about scared me to death while i was on my mark for the play! 😀


4 Responses to "♫Funny Club Penguin pics♫"

That rock is VERY mean. I guess i’m the only penguin with that kind of experience!

It’s true! LIVE on the beach!

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